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VIP Membership Signup

Plus Size Me Sassy VIP Membership:

*Discount pricing on select items

*FREE Shipping ( on announced days)

*Birthday Perks/  Shopper Gift Perks

*New Arrival Private Group Access

*VIP Referral Bonus $10/per referral ( referral must remain active for at least 30 days or more.  VIP’s will be reward with a credit of $10 after 30 days of referral signups.

*Signup for our free text alerts by texting: sassyqueens   to: 74121

**NOTE: Just so you know that $20 a month is given back to you every month when shopping with us. You get 10 – 30% or more back in the savings alone. Our members are glad they signed up and are receiving ALL perks and benefits. So what are you waiting for….

I must say I don’t know any plus size shopping club that’s offering you all these benefits on any live. Cheers!

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